Sunday, May 11, 2008


ok, so ive been pretty lazy with updates this week. or is it last week? is sunday part of the coming week or the week before? anyway, whatever. i have no excuses. i was simply lazy. i did go to the otis senior show on friday (congratulations to you all, especially to the people i couldnt seem to find/talk to at the show). and on saturday i watched SPEED RACER!!!!! OMG SPEED RACER IS AWESOME EXCEPT SPRITLE WHO I FOUND IMMENSELY ANNOYING BUT OVERALL SPEED RACER'S AWESOME!!! so yes. i did things, but i also did a lot of none things (none things? wtf?). but who cares.


i gave up on scanning because it just wasnt working.

your momma is so fat she should... er... get some exercise. that was uncalled for. i apologize.


mikey said...

watch iron man. its so kool.

Samanthers said...

Arthur, paint me a dream!

Jeremy said...

i agree with mikey. you should totally watch the man of iron.

prince of cake. said...

ive watched iron man. i felt iron man was too obviously awesome to really post anything about it.

sam, i dont know how to paint dreams. they will probably come out looking like fish for some reason.