Monday, August 25, 2008

i have pictures.

ok, i've been working on some paintings recently and just finished them off. i planned on taking some pictures of them and posting them, but i noticed a few pictures that i had taken a while back and thought id share some of them with you ever so interested people. enjoy?

this here is a picture (a very blurry picture) of a very geeky set of dice, and they just so happen to come along with a very geeky story. for those of you who don't know, these are multi headed dice (obviously). from what i can see, i believe they are (from left to right) a D-8, D-20, D-12, and a D-10. the numbers indicate the number of sides on the die. anyway, if you squint, you might be able to notice that each die has the number 2 face up. this set of dice was placed that way, but that night, i actually rolled this result (i was just rolling dice for no apparent reason). my math has deteriorated over the years, but according to my calculations, the chances of this result is 1 in a really big number (i cant be bothered to actually figure this out, but trust me, it's a big number). anyway, i was very proud of this completely skill-less achievement and flaunted it to the friends that were there with me that night (tabletop games night). i was so proud, i pulled out my phone to take a picture of it (a few years back in time and that sentence wouldnt make any sense). anyway, i was ready to take this picture, being fully aware that such a picture would prove nothing as i could have easily set such a picture up. i had my camera phone ready and i took a picture...

the picture is not entirely clear, but basically one of my friends accidentally smacked my perfect roll with a retractable measuring tape (also essential for geeky tabletop gameage) just as i took my picture, illustrated by the red arrow. i dont believe my friend even knew what he did. i believe he was just fucking around with the measuring tape. i was incredibly sad (as in upset. tabletop games are not sad, although rolling dice for no reason is kinda sad). i held my tears that night.

anyway, that's that story.

this story is shorter and less interesting. i was on a bus that ive never been on before. it stopped at a red light and i looked out the window. gasp! for the first time, i saw the character from my chinese name used in everyday life. it's the same character i use to sign off my work. i dont even know what the character means. ive asked my dad multiple times, he's explained it multiple times, and ive forgotten multiple times. im almost absolutely sure this means nothing to anyone else. here's a picture.

and that's the end of that one.

this is the final picture i have. i took it at the customs check thing when travelling from hong kong to mainland china via train. he's choking a chicken. huh huh.


Ashley Cauble said...

Ooo Ooo! I know! I know! Pick me! The odds of rolling all 2's with the dice you're using is 1/19200, or roughly 0.0052%. Math is fun! (Now watch, I'll be wrong and my degree will burst into flames in shame)

prince of cake. said...

you have a degree in math?