Sunday, August 31, 2008

penguin love.

here's my painting for the hive gallery this coming month. "beerotica", i believe it is. again, the scan is ass-tacular in comparison to seeing it in person. people have suggested professional pictures, but these paintings are so small (6 x 6 in), i dont know if it's worth it. anyway, something something la la it will be at the hive next saturday onwards so blah blah yadda yadda etc.

i have other paintings done too, but i dont have them scanned. oh well, maybe later. i believe almost every time i say "maybe later" it almost never happens.

UPDATE: ok since my "friend" who left the comment is such a whinner, i will tell you more details and attempt to sound more enthusiastic (not that im not enthused, i just dont sound like i am very often). so, the show will be at the hive gallery next saturday (september 6th to all you calendar-less fools out there, like myself) from 8pm to 12:30am. i have never actually stayed till 12:30, but im sure it's exciting. being a themed show, there are also special events. not only will you be flooded with erotic bee themed paintings (well, most of them are anyway), there will also be lingerie dancers! nylon pink, i believe they are called. that's right, sexy time. $8 admissions, or $5 with "erotic costumes" (???). and if that doesnt float your manly boat (or if youre not a brosky) there are 2 featured artists with plenty of pretty paintings to satisfy your artsy appetite. NC Winters and jason hernandez (i'm not sure if the link is for the right dude, but it appears to be). so yeah, it's going to be amazing, and i will probably be there too, but if you dont know me, you probably wont recognize me, so... whatever.



Anonymous said...

"be at the hive...blah blah yadda yadda..."

dude, your self-promotion is first class. top notch. i SO want to see that show now.

if i was anywhere near town.

prince of cake. said...

your sarcasm is SO helpful. maybe you should move to LA. it makes my self-promotion more sincere. i swear.

Anonymous said...

there. much better. lol.

be sure to take pictures of dancers for all your blog audience.

Ashley said...

So do you just haunt art blogs in hopes of seeing some free nudity or is it easier to explain to your mom when she catches you while bringing down some dinner to your "l33t basement pad"?

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing your newest piece in person, PoC!

Anonymous said...

lol i got told. a basement pad would be quite l33t though. like my very own batcave.

all the best, prince of cake.

prince of cake. said...

i wish i lived in my parents' basement (which we dont have anyway) so that my mom could bring me dinner. at least that way i wont have to eat junk every night.