Sunday, September 7, 2008

emo town.

ok, so i was at the show yesterday as promised, and if there was anyone that reads this blog that was there but doesnt know what i look like but for some reason wants to know what i look like or something like that, i dont take pictures very often. so sorry. let me describe myself from that night so that maybe you can pretend you saw me from the back of your mind. i was the weird asian dude with the glasses, wearing a halflife 2 t-shirt, surfer shorts, and flip flops, looking rather emo staring out into space somewhere. i also believe i happened across the camera of a news crew (did i mention there was going to be a news crew there that night? well i didnt know either) at least 3 times so maybe you'll catch me (or caught me? i dont really know what channel or whatever was at the show that night). if that's not enough, then here's a shitty doodle of myself for you.

anyway, what i really wanted to say is that i've actually been selling paintings lately. yeah, it's crazy. i've sold penguin love, ghost river at the hive, and all three of my muses over at alphacult. crazy, yeah? so i dont know if any of those buyers actually know this blog exists, but i'd like to thank them anyway. thank you dudes (dudettes?) and hope you'll continue to enjoy my work. oh, and thanks hive and alphacult because they're (or should i say "you're"? so many questions) awesome.

in other news, i'm still poor :(


Ashley said...

It's okay Sobby McEmopants! Your public still loves you

Monica Grue said...

stop being emo that's my job son!!

My Name is Anonymous said...

dude, congrats! or felicitation as they say in the frenchlands.

i'd buy you instant noodles to celebrate, if only because they're probably the only foodstuff that will survive air travel. or maybe nasa dry foods. but that's like a double import, since they make those in the US.

Samanthers said...

Hay, hay. I got more work for you. I know it's not as glamorous as you'd like, but you know ;)

ALSO, let's seriously talk about this thing I want. Seriously. Because I fully intend to pay you for it. Also because you are fun to hang out with :3

prince of cake. said...

but being emo is all i know!!!! DDDDD:

hi justin, you can buy me pineapple cakes. you know, those things taiwanese people love to eat? those work just fine.

sam, we should meet up to discuss the crazy.

Samanthers said...

We should. I am out of town all weekend n' stuff, but maybe next week sometime? Would love to see you.