Friday, September 26, 2008

sword masters.

it has been a while, and i apologize. there were some tricky things i needed to deal with, but now they're over. reagardless, here is my latest painting for the hive.

some of you might recognize the chick in the back. that's because she was a doodle i did way back in my otis days. didnt know what to do with her. i also kinda used her as a "project" for a class since i had nothing to hand in at the time (shame on me). but now ive finally found her a home (aww).

i dont think i need to remind you all that it will be at the hive starting from the first saturday of october, but i guess i did anyway. when i hand this painting in to nathan at the hive this month, i plan on asking him if i can get a small wall for a show of some sort at some point for some reason (i just felt like putting that last one in... for some reason). if that works out, i'll let you know. you people you. you know who you are. im watching you. with my laserbeams.

UPDATE: well it just so happens that i just got an email from nathan offering me a small wall at the gallery at around march next year. coincidence?


Monica Grue said...

Hey I remember that girl! Deja vu! Wasn't she the wallpaper on your laptop or something?

prince of cake. said...

ooh yeah. good memory! i totally forgot about that.