Thursday, September 18, 2008

tee hee.

i found this and NEEDED to draw megaman. this is the cutest megaman i have ever drawn. probably because the last time i drew megaman was when i thought every dude i drew needed to look like they're on steroids. i believe every dude goes through that phase.

anyway, the final score for my shirt design "fiRe" is out and it's a whopping... 1.9 out of 5? yeah. im not saying im the shiznit or anything, but i was still a little surprised it was so low. so feeling a little self conscious, i looked at the scores of other submissions, and the highest score i could find was 2.45. huh. i guess people like to spam low scores in these submission things. whatever. i prefer my zombie shirt anyway.


Samanthers said...

Like I said, poopy faces.

Have you seen some of the shirts on that site...christ.

prince of cake. said...

poopy faces indeed.