Saturday, November 29, 2008

LAZERS II: with a vengence.

usually, when i paint something for a show, and it comes back to me (meaning it didnt sell), it goes straight to the wall of failure (aka the fail wall, a wall we have at the apartment that is saved specifically for our failed paintings). but sometimes i feel a painting deserves a second chance. such is the case with the laser ladies. you remember them, right?

upon deciding that these paintings deserves a second chance, i take some time to look at them again and see if i can makes some changes for the better. here are the results.

the biggest change cannot be seen from my images. there used to be this horrible bevel around the paintings (it is how they were when i purchased them). sawed those right off. otherwise, miss blue lasers i felt didnt need much change. i upped her highlights and brightened her lasers a bit. otherwise, i felt her ass was still a sight to behold. miss pink lasers (originally red) had many of her colors changed, most noticeably her wacky pants. i also gave her a fancy dragon tattoo to fill up the space on her belly. after that, i updated their signatures and voila! they are ready for their second appearance (which is at the hive gallery, which, now that i think of it, will be a special show as all the paintings will be $250 or less! win!).

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