Tuesday, December 2, 2008


sometimes i cant seem to figure out what to do next. usually when that happens, i draw lame comics. that is pretty much how comics like salt and pepper or wolf boy were started. but they dont go anywhere. almost none of my comics do. my problem has always been the same; i tended to get caught up in how i should be progessing the comics to actually get anything done. so for that very reason i have started a new blog, WAZARD.

youre probably all thinking, "WAZARD? wtf?? " well let me tell you about the fuck in question, my eager little bunt cakes. WAZARD is my new comic blog, completely dedicated to the comics i create.

before you start thinking, let me put words in your mouths. "sounds gay. how is it any different from your previous comic projects??" well, the specialness to WAZARD is that i dont intend on getting caught up with anything as it's going to be completely up to me what comic comes up for every update. thats' a little confusing so here's an example; i might start a little story and eventually reach an epic cliffhanger. then, for some reason, the next update is about something completely irrelevant to the cliffhanger i left you with (like bananas or something). i know, sounds like a pretty douche-y thing for me to do, but it will probably happen quite often *coughsaltandpepperhack*, so why let it stop me?

in any case, that is basically what WAZARD is. i have put up a new link on the left navbar. it is there to inform you of updated comics. the plan is every tuesday and thursday (maybe weekends. we'll see). i swear i will be updating these on schedule. the idea is quantity over quality here.

so yes, i dont think ive actually addressed everything about WAZARD, but ive lost track of what ive already said so im just going to leave it at that. enjoy!


Anonymous said...

where the hell is this link on the left nav bar?

prince of cake. said...

it's the silly looking picture to your left. under the title "wazard click me!"

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