Thursday, December 18, 2008

stuff and stuff.

there hasnt been an update here for a while, and i apologize. but at least wazard has been on schedule for the most part so far (fingers crossed!). anyway, there were a few things that resulted in this sudden lack of updates... so typical of me.

one of those reasons is that i have changed my gallery show ideas once again. i am seriously screwing myself hard this time around as time really is running out. i vow to not change it again, whatever reason i might have. that said, i havent actually started painting anything yet. january and february will be some pretty tough months.

the other reason is, it's christmas time, and i spent a decent amount of time (id say more than i anticipated) on christmas cards and junk like that. i finally mailed them all last night, so hopefully that's all done and taken care of.

last thing is, im getting ready to head back to hong kong for the holidays. it'll be a bit of a long trip, maybe even a month long, much longer than i actually hoped to stay (i obviously have some work to do here in LA). but hopefully it will be well worth the risk in the end.

anyway, i leave tonight for my exhaustingly long flight so, just in case (in case of what, im not sure), merry christmas or whatever it is you people do at this time of the year!

oh, and here is the painting i did a while back. i just scanned it at home. the scan is horrible. i can't even see the zombies in the background. anyway, i know i said i was going to get it professionally photographed/scanned, but that stuff is far more expensive than i had realized. maybe when i start vommiting money from over-success i'll opt to do it professionally, but for now, it's this. since it won't be part of my hive show, it'll be at the alphacult gallery starting january as a guest piece with my good friend asia's show. check it out if you can!

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MC Griffin said...

Oh... my god. How am I the first to comment on this image here. This is made of awesome. You are truly Thee Of Princely Cake Mix