Wednesday, February 18, 2009

time is running out the door...

...and i spend my time updating my blog. awesome.


want to hear a story about me? of course you do. now, some people who have seen me work believe i work relatively quickly. this is occasionally true. this 18 x 18" piece took maybe 3 hard halfdays of work to complete. not bad. unfortunately it took about a month of painting paintings to completion, then scrapping those paintings because they suck (present tense as they still remain sucky), hours of sitting at my desk unintentionally drawing things i hate, to finally come up with the sketch for this painting, and i wasnt even working at my desk; i was shopping, which makes sitting at my desk seem all the more redundant. that was a long sentence. anyway, if we were going to be technical about it, this painting took about a month and 3 days. ive got about... 16 days to go before my show at the hive gallery. dilemma? maybe. ok yes. yes dilemma, yes.

luckily for me, i do have a number of ideas up my short little t-shirt sleeves that i (currently) find quite promising. now it is all a matter of finishing them, and actually liking the final result.

can i take the pressure? will i finish in time? am i going to explode? will my exploding result in candy? find out next time i decide to talk about my paintings and not about something completely irrelevant (sparkly vampires! so pretty)...