Friday, February 27, 2009

constant reminder.

ive been talking about this show for ages, and in a week, all shall be ready. yes, my very first featured showing will soon be a reality. would this occasion be considered special? yes, i would like to believe it is. but instead of babbling on about it like i tend to do, here's some stuff to look at.

the show will be on the first saturday of march (march 7th for you none calendar types). opening night starts at 8pm and ends at around the midnights. i'll be $8 to enter, but here's something i just found out. if you are one of the first three of my guests to enter, you can enter for free. neat huh? so when you get there, tell them you are a guest of mine, and if you happen to be one of the first three, you'll be in free of charge XD excessive happiness!

anyway, here's the address:
729 S Spring St
Los Angeles CA 90014

so yes, come. come and see my show (and me, since i have to be there) and you will see more of these things in full size!

also, there might be pins to collect. i'll see how that goes.


Samanthers said...

I just have to wig out for a few, because I can't believe you're actually showing as PRINCE OF CAKE. Jesus. Who would have thought that putting a stupid hat on your head would have impacted you in such a manner? CRIPES! You are awesome sauce.

prince of cake. said...

all thanks to you sam :) the sauce is so awesome because of you.

Samanthers said...

I am so sorry I didn't make it to the show. I got really sick and have remained that way since :( So lame! But Seriously, my head hurt so nasty like that driving and socializing would have been too much.

But SHIT! Those paintings are sooo awesome!! Did you sell anything?