Friday, March 13, 2009

the other other car?

did i mention this guy i know... umm... what was his name? blitz? whatever. that guy? he's got a show opening tmr (march 14) around 7pm at alphacult gallery. it's neat i guess. lol. i kid. go see it. it's fucking crazy awesome sauce. goes well with chicken.

added bonus, i will have a painting there too. check it!

so if you have time, go see the show! if you dont have time, make time! be a magician. i guess magicians can manipulate time. scientist, maybe?

oh and one more thing, thanks for those who made it to the hive show last week! appreciate it and all. it was a good night. if you didnt make it for some reason, i forgive you. if you still feel like checking out all the paintings, ive got them up on my website now, so go there.

anyway, if you are going to alphacult tmr, i will see you there. buddeh. otherwise, till next time. or something.

1 comment:

Thomas Yamaoka said...

nice dude. sorry i wont be there this time. artist definitely cant manipulate time., but have a good one!