Monday, March 30, 2009

final fantasy what?

to many people that i know, it is to no surprise when i say that my memory is not very good (understatement of the year). i woudnt be surprised if ive already mentioned this fact multiple times on the blog in the past. but this is most commonly the case when it comes to stories. whether it be a book, a movie, or the plot of a video game, i am constantly forgetting what things are about. just the other day i had a dream where i was asked to retell the story of a game i have played multiple times through years ago. the game was final fantasy 7. needless to say, i could not tell the story. ive just about forgotten the whole thing. i didnt even remember how it ended. even my roommate knows more about the plot and he hasnt even played the game.

so as a result, the next morning i tried to type out as much as i could remember about it. then i realized i could turn it into a comic. and that's exactly what i did. and thus i present to you "final fantasy VII: how i remember it". i will be updating the series every so often over at wazard and you too will eventually know final fantasy 7 as i do, which is not at all. enjoy.

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