Thursday, April 23, 2009

effective time management.

i'm not sure how many people are following my wazard comics (hell i havent properly updated this blog in so long i don't know how many people even bother following this anymore), but somehow i've already reached... 39 monster candy comics. amazing!!

ok, so that's not really all that much. it's actually pretty weak in online comic standards these days. but the plan is (there's a plan?), once i've gathered enough comics, i might be about to compile them into a book of sorts. hopefully by the end of the year.

however, judging by the rate that i am going, which is currently for the most part about 2 comics a week, by the end of this year i'll have about... 80 more comics? that'll be a grand total of something around 100. not quite enough for a book in my opinion. i would increase the number of comics i am to complete in a week, but seriously, im having trouble just keeping it at 2 a week. creating comics about whatever comes up in my mind can actually be really difficult. i mean it sounds really easy, but each comic day is a bit of a struggle as i sit in front of my computer figuring out what the hell im going to draw next.

im going to attempt to demonstate this. let's say i need to write a comic. well, what should i do a comic about? well... what do i have on my desk? um... altoids? ok, so im going to do a comic about altoids. here we go:

- i'll usually start off with one of my weird stick figure-ish dudes, illustrated in figure 1. i give him a random expression. this particular case, sad. i guess. whatever. he's holding the altoids.

- then i think to myself, "ok, he's holding altoids. umm... i guess he's going to eat them? sure, why the hell not," so i draw him dumping altoids into his mouth, as shown in figure 2.

- then we have figure 3, where we see pretty much nothing happening. because i dont know what to do with it.

- and finally i need a punchline or something. so i think to myself, what is funny? explosions are pretty funny. maybe i'll have explosions. and kittens. kittens are fucking weird. i'll have kittens. thus, figure 4.

and there you have it, a monster candy comic.

ok, that was a shitty example. it's not that easy! gaah!!! fuck it.


keep reading monster candy folks, and i'll keep makin' them. stop reading them, and i'll probably stop making them. get more people reading it, and i might just start putting more effort into them. like getting them up on time. help me guys. help me finish at least a book of this crap. and i'll... umm... give you a hug or something. unless you're opposed to hugs or something. then i'll give you... uh... a firm handshake or something.


Marsha M said...

hahahahaha!!!!! love it!!!

J. Time said...

lol you got to break the formula, man, or formulaic will describe you.

Jeremy said...

Well, I was going to keep reading, but given how easy you make the process sound, I'm not sure it's worth the effort for me to click on links.

Maybe you should hire a writer. For his writability.

Ashley said...

Hmm... I dunno about the hug thing. I hug people professionally and it can be hazardous.

prince of cake. said...

well okay, so it isnt the most honest representation of my process, but i cant say ive resorted to such methods a couple of times.

ive got enough writability for a library. of suck.

Jeremy said...

see? right there, i believe it's "i can't say i HAVEN'T resorted to such methods a couple of times"


meh, i'll keep reading, and then when you finally release a fucking book i'll buy it and pimp it in the southern hemisphere.

prince of cake. said...


mikes said...

i still read your comics foo

Whitney Pollett said...


Thomas Yamaoka said...

hahahaha awesome

Carlos said...


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