Friday, May 15, 2009

just about done...

and so another long while has passed from the last time ive posted something here. well that is because i have been working on something (granted i havent exactly been working on it since the day of my last posting. i started more like last week). i have no new show coming up as of yet. there are a few things going through my thick skull that i need to consider thoroughly before i make any decisions. but even then, i continue to paint stuff. and here is my latest painting, mr Lei Gong, the chinese thunder deity; accompanied by his lightning gals.

btw i use these thingies ";" like i know how to, but i really dont. cant even remember what they're called. just thought id... you know... let you know. dont mimic my grammar abilities without warning i guess.

probably the biggest painting ive ever painted (i tend not to paint big). the painting isnt 100% complete yet as i'm still thinking about stuff about it and things (vague), but it could very well be what the finished painting looks like. confused? serves you right!

anyway, this painting is one of a long list of other thunder gods/deities i am planning to redesign and paint. i guess you could call it my thunder god collection (i havent thought of a clever title yet. be patient). with this one already pretty much done, next up is Raijin, the japanese deity (which ive already sketched out and is ready to go).

since i havent contacted any galleries yet about this stuff, i dont really know where it's going to show, but hopefully there's somewhere interested in it. more on that as it develops.

in other news, i enjoy pie. if anyone is having pie any time soon, please invite me for pie.


Ashley said...

it's called a semicolon, and what kind of pie do you want?

prince of cake. said...

super pie.

J. Time said...

you know what, you should really read neil gaiman's American Gods to start thinking about Thor in a non-typical way. it's a novel. it's quite non-typical and he's done a neat bit of research on it.

Ybkaren said...

now that is a pretty badass painting.