Saturday, July 18, 2009

uber sad face.

ok first off, sorry about that guys. i was pretty ticked off, but i probably should have kept some of that to myself. i've removed the angry venting because seeing it brings me shame. really sorry to those of you who saw that (sorry whitney!). i sincerely hope forgiveness is still on the menu.

anyway, after a night's sleep, i've calmed down considerably. i'm still not happy about losing the last 3 months worth of work (3 months since i've backed up. plus who knows what i didnt bother backing up... id rather not think about it), but what can i do, right?

but more importantly, i no longer possess photoshop, so i cant really paint anything for some time. my scanner still doesnt like me so i cant scan work. who knows when i can get back to updating wazard. sigh.

but mopey-ness does not suit this blog, or me. so uber sad faces aside; what's done is done. i'm officially over it.

now, if any of you can recommend me a painting software for macs that i can get for free as a temporary drawing apparatus, please let me know!


Whitney Pollett said...


....woah dude.....woah.

mr arthur said...

yeah seriously.

MC Griffin said...

I'm sad that you lost so much work, sir. You won't have nothing to show for this month though. 24 Hour Video is going really well, and it wouldn't look so awesome if it wasn't for your influence.

Hope you dig how it turns out.

Whitney Pollett said...'s okay.
JC said that you can get your hard drive recovered by a specialist, but it costs some money. Don't know how much, maybe do a little research. Also, Art Rage 2.5 is my all time favorite painting program and it's only $25. It used to be free, but no longer.
Here's the link:

Don't worry Arthur! Some of your work is on this blog so it's not all gone and the new stuff you'll make will be that much better cus you're bouncing back with a VENGEANCE! Keep your chin up friend! :)

wade minter said...

Sorry to hear your loss, that is the worst feeling...

I remember when I was a lad and I lost my soul to the devil. I had a head ache for weeks.
I bet it was that Bilz...always spilling melted chedder on people's hard drive
Whitney is right!!!! the new stuff you make will be so much better just will. and Art Rage is awesome! Sorry again to hear the bad news

good luck at reclaiming the throne!

Whitney Pollett said...

AAAHAHHAhah reclaiming the throne!!! Cus your the Prince of Cake!!'ve been demoted to Duke of Cake!! Or the Earl of Cobbler!!! HAAAAaaarharharhar!!!
Oh Wade, youuuuu rascal!

mr arthur said...

wah. thanks for the support guys. so touched. sniff.

MC: cant wait to see it dude. let me know!

whitney: yeah, so i got artrage. lol. it is a lot of fun. thanks. btw, i dont want to be the earl of cobbler D:

wade: youre still alive?? i guess the devil was easy on you. good to know you are still up to your... umm... weirdness. and that bilz does spill too much cheese on hard drives. should do something about that. intervention?

Monica Grue said...

Oh shoot.. what did I miss? Your hard drive crashed? Mine did that in November. I lost everything between that time and the time I graduated. I sure didn't have as much stuff as you to save, but I remember how it felt. It sucks! But you'll snap back :). There's always new stuff to make! It will be better.