Monday, July 20, 2009

commi zombie?

so, i decided to give artrage (painting software) a try, and it's pretty damn awesome. i cant say ive fully grasped the capabilities of this thing, but it is definitely a lot of fun to paint on. oil painting is not what i would consider my forte, but now is my chance to do some oil painting VR training :D

just to loosen myself up though, i drew this weird zombie chick.

no real concept going on here. not quite sure why i gave her a red star cap. it seemed like a good idea. i realize that realistically, no one in their right mind would use markers over oil paints. i also noticed that my green started to grey out more as i used it over the red. realistic, but slightly annoying. oh well. lol.

i'll probably be posting more of these as the days go by.


Whitney Pollett said...

ART RAAAGE!!! COOooool!!! Looks awesome Arthur!!
Go get em' tiger!!

Thomas Yamaoka said...


Monica Grue said...

Nice! I dig the hat.

mr arthur said...

lol. thanks. monica, you should get a commi hat. not that i think youre a commi or anything.