Friday, August 7, 2009

speed lines.

so, not really much going on but thought id put some stuff up. i might be doing some designs for some up and coming bikes and accessories store in china. it's still a might. it's really hard for me to communicate with people in china. it be honest, i am quite disappointed with how crappy my chinese can be. but that's not the point.

so far, i have been commissioned to design 4 different designs for possible bike shirts. you know, that skin tight stuff bicycle racers wear? that stuff. here's my first one.

look familiar? if you've read some of my more recent comics you might recognize this dashing prehistoric/futuristic being. didnt really know what i was going for here, but since the guy said just to go wild at first, i went wild (sorta. not really). more to come later.


mikes said...

try a fast animal. well trex' are pretty fast, but its not really the first thing they think of when you say TREX! the first thing will probably be omfg im gonna get eaten :(

Ashley said...

Perhaps a Velociraptor? Or an
ornithomimid? BLORF!

mr arthur said...

you guys put a lot more thought into it than i did. but t rex's can be fast too! sorta. ok maybe not so much.

i needed to look up orininmniomodiod. whatever.