Saturday, September 26, 2009

number 18.

it has been a while, but i have just finished of my most recent painting, the moon card.

this is just a cropped image. you'll see the full thing in person if you go to the hive gallery's tarot card show the first saturday of october (that's the 3rd for you non-calendar types). or you can wait a while and i'll just post it here.

but the show! must go! you! the show has a different talented artist working on every arcana, as well as a large collection of paintings for the minor arcana. it will probably be quite the show to behold. i am actually quite surprised and honored to be one of the artists selected for the main arcana. whodda thunk it?

anyway, i also believe that the paintings will be used to create a deck of tarot cards. we'll see i guess. here is the postcard. BAM!

and the back.


J. Time said...

d00d that SUCKS.

i say that cos i always say your stuff's awesome.

so what i mean is awesome but i have to say smth different.

props for nudity. very bohemian. (lol.)

mikes said...

looks like shes got crabs. looool

mr arthur said...

dammit mikey... i knew someone was going to say that...

Samanthers said...

I want this.

mr arthur said...

do you want it enough to... buy it?? :D