Tuesday, October 6, 2009

one at a time i suppose.

"moon" 10x14 inches

anyone go to the hive show last saturday? unfortunately, i did not. and i was looking forward to it too. it turned out i was too busy being hooked up on energy drinks and trying desperately to finish another painting for the day after. the good news is, the other painting was completed on time. the bad news is, i forgot to take a picture or scan it. gave myself a good ol' pat on the back for that one. simply outstanding.

anyway, i guess i should at least mention what the other painting is for. good friend and mentor cecil kim had invited me to do a painting for the first art show at his restaurant/gallery. got to see the place for the first time when i dropped off my work on sunday. chill little chinese food place (fusion, maybe?), now featuring artwork from otis alums and faculty, myself included. the show opens on the 17th of october (i believe. im honestly not very sure how it's all going to work). if you cant make it then, do consider checking out cecil's restaurant anyway. the food smelt good (didnt get to try any) and they have fortune cookies. i enjoy fortune cookies. i shall leave you all with the restaurant's address and the digital sketch for the painting i did for the show. who knows, i might just get the painting back. maybe i should overprice it... hmm...

"more lines and a space ship" 8x10 inches
[actual painting colors not quite like the image]

Liliya China Bistro
102 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA


Monica Grue said...

I love it! I'd like a print of that!

mr arthur said...

that can be arranged :)

Samanthers said...

Did "Moon" sell?

If not, I am buying that from you like now.

Whitney Pollett said...

MONICA IS DRIVING!!! So cute! I like everything Monica!

Monica Grue said...

Oh shoot... is that me in there? Hahaha. Even if it isn't, it's awesome! I need it on my office wall :D

mr arthur said...

haha um.. i guess that could very well be monica.