Wednesday, October 14, 2009

JESUS! and some.

ok i dont usually use this blog to post cool things i find on the internet (that be a little ridiculous anyway), but this is simply AMAZING.

apparently this was posted about a month ago, but i only just saw it today. whatevs. im sure if youve seen it before, you wouldnt mind seeing it another 20 times.

also, this frame was going to be in the latest monster candy, but i removed it. because i can. and now it is here, for all to see.

and um... i guess one more thing wouldnt hurt. i mean it's so pretty! i dont really know the story being told, but it's still very fun to watch. it's about 8 minutes long.


JustinYTKLau said...

That Jesus 2000 thing is incredible.

And the sand thing is about life during the Soviet war against Germany.

Monica Grue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mr arthur said...

oh, ok. soviet war. gotcha. thanks.

monica, what happened to your comment? i know it was you! i had seens it. with my mind.

J. Time said...

i kinda wish that jesus 2000 thing was a promo for a whole series or movie of it or something. that's something i would totally watch!

Robyn said...

wow nice sand animation!!! very impressed. i am most impressed with her immaculate hair does she manage that?

mr arthur said...

yes, her hair is beautifully straight. im sure she manages it with some kind of mystical power.