Saturday, October 31, 2009

children stuff and environmental things.

hello. i am only a few months away from a BIG paintings show in march, even fewer months away from creating a concept art portfolio to submit to concept art schools for a possible concept art future (whole other story), and lately ive been kinda busy not doing both of those things. what have i been doing? well... this.

it's a weird little flash game for kids and shit! well... mostly kids, not so much the shits. the game is supposed to teach the childs (and i guess myself) about how nature is often a great source of inspiration for a lot of man made doodads. if i hadnt been working on the game myself, i would have failed this game miserably. check it out. it has weird little flash animated doohickeys and whatnots.

and if you really feel like learning things children are learning, you can go to the main page at the kid's science challenge website. ive got one or two other illustrations in there, although i am not going to find them for you. i suck at finding things. ask my keys. if you can find them.

also, not really related, but i tried out making texture brushes and the such on photoshop for the first time by cleaning up my sketch of my space exploration painting. it was... interesting. im not very good at making texture brushes. yet. but just so you all have something semi new to look at, i suppose. im going to have to get started on some acrylic work soon, but i might also have some random concept things here and there. we'll see. future and etc.


mikes said...

i got 1000 points! in my second play through. the questions dont change lol

mr arthur said...

lol. cheater.