Wednesday, February 24, 2010



here is another update on the upcoming show. i need a real camera. and better lighting equipment. i usually use the sun for lighting my paintings, but it appears that a storm may be a brewin'. seeing as the theme is maybe vaguely thunder and lightning related, i guess it is only appropriate. coincidence!

Signs of Aggression, 12 x 16"

um... other than that, i havent got much else to say. here's another picture revealing a painting you havent seen finished and a painting you havent seen at all. excite~!

anyway, having stayed up quite late last night (pretty much every night for the past 3 weeks), ive only just awakened about an hour ago. i need to go get me some breakfast. my stomach is like a beast. or an annoying dog. like a chihuahua. when the phone is ringing. and someone's at the door. and it needs to go pee (the chihuahua, not the door). and the chihuahua is strapped to a rocket (for er... emergencies?). the most annoying chihuahua incident ever. that's my stomach right now. okay maybe that's a little exaggerated.


mikes said...

wheres zeus? o ya kratos pwned him

mr arthur said...

yeah let's go with that.

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