Monday, February 22, 2010

just a little something.

sorry for the long absence. busy doesnt even begin to describe the now that i am experiencing. now. anyway, it's finally coming! details on postcard below.

featured artist 1: prince of cake. that's me btw. so now you know! and now you can spend your saturday checking out my stuff. isnt it perfect? oh yeah, i guess the show is also celebrating the coming film, alice in wonderland, starring crazy pants mc pirate guy.

looks kinda cool. maybe i'll check it out. maybe i wont. i actually want to watch that appropriately named cop movie with bruce willis AND tracy morgan, Cop Out. seriously, winning combination. money maker. box office gold. off topic. not that i have much else to say.


Whitney Pollett said...

Very cool Arthur. Congrats! I won't miss it. :)
And yes, Cop Out looks delicious.

mr arthur said...

thanks whitney :) yes pls, stop by if you can. familiar faces are welcome as well.

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