Friday, July 30, 2010

infused with irony.

it has been a good life.

i really dress like that btw. if you ever see an asian guy with glasses, black shirt, jeans, and a pink belt, make your presence known to me. i dont like to be followed by your condescending eyes. that is, until you say hello. then maybe it's okay.

also, i hope this titty bar actually exists somewhere out there.


Thomas Yamaoka said...

nice post as always. my condolences to your old tablet. congrats on bamby

Whitney Pollett said...

Chun-Li and Samus from Super Metroid!! HAhahah You are the COOLEST!

Monica Grue said...

Haha that's totally you.

mr arthur said...

tom-ass: lol quartzy appreciates your sympathy, im sure.

wit-knee: woo! stripper samus!

money-ka: lol. money-ka is so lame. i am so lame.