Sunday, August 1, 2010

fun and games.

i realize i've been away for a while. but im sure a couple of you know what it's like to start a fulltime job for the first time. needs a little time to adjust to the torment that is, in my case, 11 hr days on average. but i think ive finally got the hang of it (not really). or at least enough so to post things every once in a while. in any case, if you're still following me even through my 2 months-ish absence, thank you for having the patience. i am eternally grateful.

im working on something new. is it a show thing? im not sure yet. but it will be a series of sorts. i dont know if i can get actual acrylic paintings done at the moment with how little freedom i have these days. id be more than happy with digital prints for now. but i'd have to figure out how to get some quality prints. any ideas? i need to figure out what dpi and size i need to start painting to be of good print quality and size. very open to suggestions. some might say TOO open... (what does that even mean??)

anyway, here's the painting/sketch/maybe?

momotaro, digital painting (?x??")

so yeah, hopefully it'll keep coming at a more regular pace. LOLLERSKATES>


mikes said...

i like her pants, i want pixelated pants.

Thomas Yamaoka said...