Monday, December 6, 2010

early and late.

as an example of my advanced lack of timing, here is a painting (or i suppose, more like a finished sketch) that i was planning on doing with actual paints for a show at my friend cecil's restaurant/gallery show for this winter season. i completely forgot about it and never got the time to sit down and paint. and now it is too late. but as for the theme of the painting, perhaps it is a few weeks too early... oh yeah! i gotta start thinking about christmas cards! thinking out loud!

i like making christmas cards. i like having a theme set up for me. it's like a challenge. i like challenges. at least when it comes to drawing. there are probably some real life challenges that im kinda not so great at, which might be getting a little too personal. dont want this blog to turn into some kind of diary. i used to keep a diary (diaries were cool!! shut up!). i still have it somewhere. when i read it, i want to burn it.

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