Tuesday, December 7, 2010

something's sometimes better than nothing.

dunno why i drew this weird dancing race car driver, but i did. it is done. i have done it. doing completed.

really it's just an excuse to talk about unimportant things. something that i really want to try, because i have a concept, and i firmly believe it's plausibility, is that talking to yourself as you draw (as in commentating yourself as you draw) is a good way to turn one initial drawing idea into a drawing that may result in a clusterfuck of awesome. i am going to try this some time. maybe not during my after hours in the office, because i dont want my colleagues to think me insane, but possibly in the privacy of my own home. i would record myself as i do it, but i dont know how. i know my mac has a mic somewhere... hmm... this is a great way to show how my mind does not actually have a map and is probably better described as a stew like substance. also people can hear how dumb and unsexy my voice sounds. EXCELLENT.


emicakes said...

it would be interesting! youtube plz~

and just like how sometimes race car drivers need to dance, the prince needs to talk-draw.

Ashley said...

There's a feature in ProTools that can change the pitch in your voice... just sayin'.