Tuesday, February 22, 2011

has it really been that long?

apparently, yesterday was the 25th anniversary of one of my favorite gaming franchises EVER, the legend of zelda. i tell you this a day later because yesterday i was very distracted by cloud and his gang of misfit teenagers and angry black guy with machine gun for a hand (who is not a teenager) and did not bother to do much else.

but what better excuse than this to do some zelda doodles. when i get back home from work. i am so PUMPED! because zelda ROCKS!! YEAH!!! ZELDA!!1! also it might be the energy drinks i down because i cant stay awake at work...

but aside from that, here are a few things i'd like to show you all. i usually dont post or link other things, but these are great exceptions.

firstly, check out this AMAZING piece of zelda love right here. it is HUGE. i want it as a poster but i dont have a piece of wall tall enough for it. my zelda doodle will not even begin to compare to what this thing is. must see.

secondly, not zelda related, but still good, is this youtube video of a guy playing mario music on the piano for 25 MINUTES STRAIGHT (say whaaaaaat).

now i dont know much about playing music (other than it looks like magic) but i believe this is still quite an amazing feat. he isnt using any music sheets either! (again, i probably dont understand the significance of this. im imagining it's like building a lego x-wing without the manual) and even if that doesnt sound impressive enough to watch it, if you've ever played a mario game, this will surely bring back memories, and maybe give you that cool tingly feeling when you remember cool things. what is that called? err.. whatever. the thing! you know it! don't lie!

so yes, enjoy those things, because they should be enjoyed, and i'll get back to you later. and by later i probably mean tomorrow-ish. toodles!


Nancin8R said...

"that cool tingly feeling when you remember cool things." Nostalgia? Maybe a sneeze coming on?

Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Ah, the good 'ol days. Legend of Zelda, pixels, 8-bit soundtrack and 100% pure awesomeness. Hmmm...getting a warm feeling inside.

mr arthur said...

id say what im attempting to describe is somewhere between nostalgia and an incoming sneeze. comforting and tickles a little.