Monday, April 18, 2011

newer old things.

so as i was saying all those days ago, i want to update my website. it will probably be a big revamp, but not everything will change. i do want to bring with me to the new site, some of the characters that are on my current website. now if you havent seen my current site, i'd click the weird striped fish on the left sidebar of this blog. it is very fish like.

anyway, here are a few doodles i did of the characters that will very likely return in the next website design.

the most noticeable design change is the rainbow girl (i should really give these characters names), mostly because i didnt like the color design she used to have. so i guess she dyed her hair impossibly blue and got more goth or something (mascara makes me think goth. i suppose she could be emo). maybe she had a bad breakup. i'll ask her later. banana man is still a banana.

overall, progress is slow, but it still sounds very fun in my head, so hopefully it will stay that way.

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