Friday, June 17, 2011

Makes me hungry.

Not exactly the most creative way to start anew, but I just felt this was too good to pass. Rarely do I get a taste of something awesome entertainment wise from my homeland, especially something that isn't blatantly stolen from something else. But every once in a while, a gem, bright as a star, finds a way to penetrate my eyeballs and take over my brain goop. This is one of those things. The animation... so good. I'm actually inspired to do something amazing. Unfortunately, I need to go to work, where all that inspiration will probably be drained from my soul. Hopefully, when I watch this again when I get home, I'll be inspired once again by the pure awesomeness of this here short. Needless to say, please watch this.


Kubacki said...

Omg, wow this is like, really full of originality.

Love the sketchiness to it all too!

mr arthur said...

I know right? Never thought I'd see something like this. Haha... Shows my lack of faith in my own home :\