Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NEWNESS: The Next Generation

BEHOLD! A bold new look for a not especially new time. Having grown tired of the old look, I felt it was about time to give the ol' blogspot a new coat of paint. This blog has been going... how long have I been doing this? Four years now? Amazing! Who knew I could stick to one thing for that long! I obviously haven't done the same with my comic series (which I will actually get into a little later o_o).

Anyway, with a new look, there is bound to be new content, right? WRONG! Well, almost wrong. There is ONE new feature... capital letters at the start of sentences! What?? Grammar?? Are you mad??? Perhaps. Perhaps it takes a madman to apply grammar to something that is so unneeding of words, like an art blog (did I mention I'm still making up my own words? It's for this dictionary/movie pitch I'm writing called "WHATEVAS: The Reckoning"). A picture is a thousands words, as they say. But in my case, a picture is maybe ten words, so I gotta make up for the loss. I am also not particularly good at grammar so you will still find incomplete sentence, run-on sentences, an exuberant number of commas, and stupid jokes (I blame my jokes on grammar. As a whole).

Anyway, I don't have exclusive new artwork for this post (other than the blog itself) so here's a picture of what you are looking at. So that it creates one of those infinite images within an image thing. All for you. Love it, or die trying.

[NOTE: I just tried to make that infinite loop image, and I guess I never realized I would need to time travel to get it done. Hmm... Conundrum]


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Well okay! I relate.

Kubacki said...

haha very nice.

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