Monday, August 22, 2011

After the thought.

Ever have an idea that, as you think about it, sounds like the most amazing idea you have ever had? Then, have you ever had that great idea feeling backfire when you get to the actual execution of said idea? I ask because that's pretty much what happened with this drawing. It SEEMED like a good idea, an angel seeing her demon reflection through a puddle sounds... well it sounds cliched, but also visually appealing. And to be honest, the idea itself might not be at fault, but this drawing... after the hours I spent on it, seems disappointing. I had finished half of the drawing and was already not liking it, but it would have been a waste to just leave it. So I finished it to the best of my ability and patience. It's a something. It's a finished something. And I suppose that's still infinitely better than an unfinished something. Now I can finally doodle something else.

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Thomas Yamaoka said...

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