Monday, June 4, 2012

D&D: Athanatai

This is Athanatai, our psionic.. what was it.. wizard? I forget. Magic McWielderson. There are so many magic people in my group, I forget the specifics (says the guy with bricks for brains). Oh, and she's our resident femme fatale. Well, as femme fatale as you can get in a guild dubbed the "Lady Tendrils" (did I mention that already? Yeah, we're the Lady Tendrils.. long and rather stupid story). She likes to flirt. And create force shards. As far as my character (and myself) is aware, those are her most prominent features. Well actually no. In my character's perspective, she's the one that tends to blow stuff up in my face every once in a while. 
She usually apologizes for blowing stuff up around me, but.. who says sorry with a smile? Hm...

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