Sunday, June 3, 2012

A little creepy if you think about it...

Watched "the Secret World of Arrietty" today. Well, yesterday. What does it matter. It was cute. Cool visuals. I feel like they could have played up the "little people borrowing big people stuff" part a little more. Or a lot more. I find the idea of living as a tiny little person in an actual size person's world very appealing. It makes mundane life environments seem like an adventure setting. It would probably take a tiny person an hour to get from one side of a house to another. I'd probably take them about 5 minutes to get across my studio, but I figured I'd try imagining it anyway. So I took some pictures of my studio and drew little people in them. Well, I've managed to draw one. Was planning on drawing a lot more of them, but... it's getting late (lol. excuses). 

What is she doing, hiding behind my Snapple bottles filled with loose change? Does she want to read those Sandman comics behind her? Well, at least someone's reading them. I'll get to them. Soon... Probably.

Also possibly worth noting, I watched the movie in both English and Japanese. It's interesting how they differ. In the English version, the characters are more direct with their emotions, choosing to be more vocal with their thoughts. The Japanese version is far more subtle, to the point that you pretty much have to guess what everyone is thinking half the time. I don't know if I have a preferred type of storytelling, but I do like the music in the Japanese one better. The weird Disney pop at the end is quite painful.

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mikes said...

i watched this with dad last year, he seemed to like it too, i liked it lol